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The People's Money

People still don’t own their money. 4.2 billion people experience acute money pains too often.
They are affected by predatory banking and financial services, with impacts including hyperinflation, capital controls, high fees and unreasonable lockups just to name a few.


Living Under


Impacted By
Capital Controls


No Identity

Thankfully cryptocurrency gives people true ownership of their money and wealth!

But after 10 years we’ve still not solved Bitcoin’s original use case! Yes it’s peer to peer and a store of value but there still hasn’t been electronic cash, until now... Finally it’s possible, thanks to Mosendo’s user experience and decentralized stable cryptocurrencies like DAI from Maker.

Money that looks like a fiat balance, but it's backed by crypto assets. This is the people's money.

The Mosendo Experience

Digital wallets are either centralized and used for payments, or decentralized and used for speculative crypto assets. No one is focused on a payments solution that is fully decentralized, non-volatile, instant and free.

Mosendo combines these important features with a frictionless user experience and you get a global, peer-to-peer, censorship resistant electronic cash system that actually works.

Learn more about the Mosendo here.

The Strategic Plan

Mass adoption comes from targeting economic niches with acute money pains. The highest pains are around cross border transactions and fiat devaluations. Early adopters will have high tech literacy, e.g. overseas IT workers. Then we will continuously grow towards low tech literacy, e.g. migrant day laborers.

At first we sign people up in person via events, then we incentivize evangelists to multiply our efforts, later we leverage PR and paid ads. We are also baking viral growth features into the product, such as social key recovery to invite 5 friends to secure your keys.

Learn more about the plan here.

The Financial Rights Movement

We believe economic sovereignty is the first step towards healing society’s relationship with money.

We are pioneering a financial rights movement by building decentralized personal finance tools so that anybody, regardless of resources, can be the architect of their own financial future.

Programmable money and smart contracts have opened up a new universe of financial possibilities for anyone with an internet connection, regardless of their origin, race, sex, age, or any other factors.

Welcome to a new era of personal finance.

The Humans Behind It

Our team could be making comfortable salaries, but there's nothing else they’d rather be doing.

Rossco has trained 7500+ mom’s and pop’s to use bitcoin wallets, started several successful businesses, and leads an investment club.

Tom started the Taureon angel fund, has been investing, advising, and building startups in fintech for 4+ years, and was previously Product Manager for tech companies in SF.

Other team members include marketing, finance, design, and engineering, many of whom came to us and asked how they could get involved.

Learn more about the team here.

The DEP Token

The $DEP token helps keep the Depfi ecosystem decentralized. When a user pays any fees within Depfi tools, the fee is converted to $DEP via KyberSwap and then the $DEP tokens are burned.

This process is invisible to the user so as to not degrade the user experience. In the years ahead, once the Depfi ecosystem has matured, $DEP token will be upgraded to provide voting rights in the future DepfiDAO.

Learn more about the token here.